Read what my students are saying

"Rie is a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher who shows a passion for her students."

"Your teaching style, I felt, was exceptional, and really learned a lot from you! It is obvious how passionate you are about music, and that only fueled my passion more. Thank you!"




"Thank you Rie for being a fantastic teacher. I feel so much more confident in playing independently in just a few months!"


"Rie was the most exciting teacher I've ever had. She pushed me beyond what I thought was possible. Organization and volumes of information was a delight. She always had a smile on her face. I'm not sure if she ever had a bad day! Thank you!"



"Caring and supportive instructor with the ability to make the complex seem achievable for even beginners."


"As someone who started with minimal experience in piano, I learned a lot about proper technique and now have the tools to continue developing as a piano player and musician."

"Thank you for a great semester, Rie. Your high spirit in classes always inspires me to practice harder. I really learned a lot in this class and I cannot believe how much I've improved through the class."


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